Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


House fire - no working smoke alarms

Hall Close, Henham
19/04/2018 @ 00:11
Incident Number: 75769
In attendance: 1 x Stansted, 1 x Newport

An Essex resident had a lucky escape this morning when a fire broke out in his house - but it went undetected until he went upstairs to bed and found the room full of smoke.

The property did not have any working smoke alarms, so the fire had time to take hold and leave the room severely fire damaged and the first floor of his home also suffered smoke damage.

When fire crews arrived they managed to stop the fire spreading to the rest of the house and managed to extinguish the fire by 00:50am.

Before firefighters left they fitted two new smoke alarms, one on each level of the home.

Smoke alarms save lives. They give you an early warning so you and your family have time to safely get out, stay out and call the fire service out.

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service fit smoke alarms completely FREE of charge. To book your visit call 0300 303 0088 or book online here:


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