Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Unattended candles spark house fire - no working smoke alarms

Churchfield Road, Walton on the Naze
22/12/2017 @ 19:47
Incident Number: 69085
In attendance: 1 x Frinton, 1 x Clacton, 1 x Weeley

A home in Walton on the Naze has been badly damaged following a fire which was caused by candles being left unattended.

Firefighters were alerted to the fire by neighbours of the terraced house. When firefighters arrived they found the ground floor of the property was well alight. Firefighters quickly extiguished the fire and stopped it spreading to the adjoining properties.

The property was left badly damaged and is not in a habitable condition. The fire could have been discovered early if the property had working smoke alarms. The alarms was only raised when smoke reached the neighbours properties and their smoke alarms sounded.

The cause of the fire was found to be candles which had been left unattended by the occupant. Incidents like these show how important it is to make sure your candles and tea lights are fully extinguished when you leave the room.

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service want every home in Essex to have working smoke alarms. Smoke alarms alert you at the first sign of fire, giving time to get out, stay out and call the fire service out. You can get smoke alarms fitted for FREE by booking a home safety visit. Call us on: 0300 303 0088 or book online:

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