Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Motorist rescued from Buttsbury Wash

Mountnessing Road, Mountnessing
12/12/2017 @ 07:43
Incident Number: 68466
In attendance: 1 x Brentwood, 1 x Billericay

Firefighters were called to assist a motorist who was trapped in his vehicle in Buttsbury Wash.

When the crews arrived they reported the car was trapped in 3ft of freezing cold water. Firefighters waded into the flood waters and rescued the man using an inflatable sledge and brought him to safety.

Station Manager Martyn Hare said:

"When we arrived, the motorist was still in his car and water had started to fill the footwells. The man was freezing cold and was suffering from shock and possibly hypothermia. Our firefighters quickly wading through the water and got him out to dry land.

"It is extremely dangerous for anyone to attempt to drive into flood water without knowing how deep the water is, especially on a morning where temperatures had plummeted to -4."

Every year the fire service rescues dozens of motorists who find themselves trapped after driving into flood water. These drivers not only risk the lives of themselves and their passengers they also tie up fire crews and rescue teams who could be needed elsewhere.

Mototists should not attempt to drive through flood waters which will reach more than half of their car wheels.

Just a foot or two of water is enough to float a car and six inches of water will reach the bottom of most passenger cars. This depth can cause loss of control or possible stalling as water enters the car and damages the mechanical and electric components.

When confronted with floodwater the best thing to do is to stop and find an alternative route.

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