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Barn fire - PHOTOS

Warren Lane, Brentwood
06/11/2017 @ 21:12
Incident Number: 66334
In attendance: 2 x Brentwood, 1 x Ingatestone, 2 x Chelmsford, 1 x Ongar, 1 x Billericay

Firefighters were called to a barn fire in Doddinghurst, near Brentwood.

Initially, two fire engines were sent to the incident, but as soon as they arrived they called for an extra four fire engines and a water bowser (a vehicle which contains a large water tank) to help tackle the large fire.

Fire crews reported the agricultural building measured approximately 40m x 30m and contained 300 tonnes of hay.

Fires that involve a large quantity of hay are extremely difficult to extinguish and would require an enormous quantity of water, so the fires are allowed to burn themselves. Firefighters monitor the fire to ensure it does not spread to any other building or surrounding risk.

Update 1am - The fire is still burning. The original six fire crews have been replaced by three new fire crews who will continue to monitor the fire and protect the surrounding risks.

Update 7am - Firefighters are still at the scene monitoring the controlled burn.

An investigation will be carried out to establish the cause of the fire.

Update 12pm - Three fire engines remain at the scene of the barn fire to monitor the controlled burn.

Update 3pm - One fire engine is still at the scene keeping watch over the controlled burn.

Update 10.30pm - One fire engine remains at the barn to monitor the remainder of the burning hay.

Update 6am (Wednesday) - Firefighters left the scene just after midnight. One fire crew will revisit the barn at 7.30am to ensure the remaining hay is fully cooled.

Incident Images

  • doddinghurst
  • dogginghurst 02
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