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Fire at industrial units - PHOTOS

Springwood Drive. Braintree
02/09/2017 @ 05:25
Incident Number: 62159
In attendance: 2 x Braintree, 1 x Great Dunmow, 1 x Coggeshall, 2 x Chelmsford (inc. ALP), 1 x Colchester (ALP), 1 x Wethersfield, 1 x Newport, 1 x Great Baddow

Firefighters were called to a fire in a large industrial building in Braintree.

When crews arrived they reported that two units within the large building, which measured approximately 80m x 30m, was completely alight. Firefighters requested extra fire engines and aerial ladder platforms to help tackle the fire.

The roads around the incident have been temporarily shut so firefighters can safely deal with the fire. Loud bangs have been heard which are tyres and cylinders exploding within the building.

*Update 7am* The fire is affecting two units which are used as a vehicle storage and kitchen/furniture warehouse. Firefighters are using two aerial ladder platforms to pour water on the fire from above. Firefighters are also using a number of hoses to fight the fire from the ground.

The industrial building is divided into four units. The fire is affecting two units, and firefighters are working extremely hard to stop it spreading to the other two units. Firefighters are monitoring the other units using thermal imaging cameras to check the fire is not spreading to the other units.

*The fire is producing alot of smoke so residents are advised to close their windows and doors*

*Update 8am*  The Incident Commander, Mark Samuels said:

"Firefighters have worked extremely hard to stop this fire from spreading to the other two businesses in this large industrial unit. The first fire crews on scene very quickly requested extra fire engines and two aerial ladder platforms to tackle the fire and through their hard work we got on top on this incident very quickly. Unfortunately two units have been completely destroyed but we were able to save the other two units.

 "Now the fire is almost out, we are preparing to scale down the incident to just five engines and the ALPs who will continue to dampen down the remaining pockets of fires and hot spots."

*Update 10am* Firefighters are continuing to dampen down hotspots and small pockets of fire within the two units. Five fire engines and the aerial ladder platforms are at the scene.

*Update 4pm* One fire engine remains at the scene of the incident checking for remaining hotspots.

*Update 7pm* Firefighters have now left the incident scene. Crews will make several re-visits to the site over the next 24 hours to check the scene is all still fully cooled.

The cause of the fire was recorded as undetermined.


Incident Images

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