Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Ten tonnes of hay alight

New Road, Aldham
24/08/2017 @ 09:46
Incident Number: 61578
In attendance: 2 x Colchester, 1 x Wivenhoe, 1 x Halstead (Water Bowser)

Firefighters were alerted to reports that between 20 and 30 bales of hay, amounting to around ten tonnes, were alight this morning.

On arrival, fire crews immediately called for the support of a water bowser (a large container of water) to tackle the fire, due to short supply in the area.

Firefighters are continuing to work hard to get the fire under control and have prevented it spreading to around 50 more tonnes of hay, which is placed nearby.

Update 12:30pm: Fire crews remain at the scene and have divided the incident into sectors, to ensure the fire remains contained. The officer in charge has reported good progress is being made.

Update 1:30pm: Firefighters are using thermal imaging cameras to check that there are no hotspots on the adjacent haystack that could cause it to ignite. Three fire engines are still at the scene.

Update 3pm: The officer in charge says steady progress towards extinguishing the fire has continued. Firefighters are now dampening down remaining hotspots.

Update 4:30pm: The fire is now well under control. Crews are continuing to extinguish hotspots throughout the hay and ensure there is no risk of reignition.

Update 6pm: Two fire engines will be arriving at the scene shortly to take over the work already done by fire crews this afternoon. Firefighters will continue dampening down the area this evening.

Update 9pm: The water bowser, which has been used to provide consistent water supply to firefighters, has left the scene. Two fire engines have remained at the incident while crews monitor hotspots and surrounding haystacks - no increase in temperature is currently being recorded by thermal imaging cameras.

Update 10pm: All firefighters have now left the scene of the incident. One fire engine will return tomorrow morning (25 August) for a final check over the area in daylight.

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