Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Colchester flooding

Distillery Lane, Colchester
09/08/2017 @ 18:57
Incident Number: 60656
In attendance: 2 x Colchester, 1 x Clacton

Crews were called last night to initial reports of nine houses in Distillery Lane, Colchester, suffering from flooding.

On arrival firefighters reported that the area was flooded, with the water level of a nearby flooded lake continuing to rise.

Firefighters set up a pump to reduce the water level from the lake and pump it to the quay, which is close by.

Firefighters also used aqua vacs to attempt to remove water from the affected houses.

By 10.30pm firefighters reported that flood water had made its way to a nearby block of flats which later had to be evacuated as the water had reached an electrical sub station.

Further crews from the county worked throughout the night in shifts, focusing on reducing the water level in all affected areas, liaising with highways and UK Power Network to ensure the scene was safe and assisting with the resident evacuation.

At 7.15am crews had to rescue a driver who had driven into the flood water.

By 11am, firefighters had ensured properties were no longer being affected by flooding, having reduced water levels by continuing to drain the nearby pond.

Crews remained at the scene until around 11:30am, before handing over control of the area to highways teams.

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