Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Paper sky lantern gets caught on TV aerial

Rackenford, Southend
04/07/2017 @ 22:22
Incident Number: 58088
In attendance: 1 x Southend

Firefighters were called to reports of a fire on the roof of a house in Southend.

When crews arrived at the property they found a paper sky lantern was caught on the TV aerial. Firefighters immediately pitched a ladder and climbed onto the roof to retrieve the lantern. Luckily the lantern hadn't caught the roof alight, and the only damage was to the aerial cable.

Neil Fenwick, Head of Community Safety, said:

"Incidents like this show how dangerous these lanters can be. These lanterns are made to be launched over the sea and they are not appropriate for use inland. They often land still alight and if they land on something flammable fire can soon spread, especially in this in dry weather.

“They might look beautiful when first they take off, but once they are airborne they can not be controlled.

"We are urging everyone to think about the danger these lanterns pose and to use them responsibly."

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