Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Chemical Incident

High Street, Wickford
14/03/2016 @ 11:07
Incident Number: 3710
In attendance: 1 x Basildon, 2 x Rayleigh Weir

Firefighters are dealing with a chemical incident in Wickford High Street. A woman has been affected by fumes after a liquid chemical was spilled in a shop. Crews say the woman is conscious and breathing.

Specialist teams have been called in to identify and deal with the liquid.

Update 12:30hrs: Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus are set to enter the shop affected by the spillage and get a sample of the liquid for testing. This incident is ongoing.

Update 13:10hrs: Firefighters have now completed their work at this incident and are leaving the scene. Crews wearing breathing apparatus and gauntlets entered the shop to get samples of the chemical.

Following tests incident commander was satisfied that the premises had been adequately ventilated and that the liquid had evaporated and it was now safe for people to return.

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