Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Essex Hugger Advanced Instructor Days

These advanced instructor days cost just £50 to attend, and are subsidised significantly by the Safer Essex Roads Partnership. They are offered to riders who have undertaken a FireBike Better Biking Course and/or an Essex Police Bikesafe workshop.

The advanced instructor days build on the riding advice and guidance provided by the FireBike or Police Bikesafe teams, and are delivered for a full day on a 2:1 student to instructor ratio using radio communications.

These training days are specifically designed to provide more in-depth instruction and to improve general roadcraft skills.

The advanced instructor training days are delivered by one of the Safer Essex Roads Partnership’s commercial advanced instructor partners:

  • Total Advanced Training
  • Excel Advanced Motorcycle Training
  • Perfect Control Advanced Motorcycle Training

Details of how you can undertake one of these advanced instructor training days will be provided when you attend a FireBike Better Biking Course or Police Bikesafe workshop.

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