Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


On-call firefighter's additional employment

Many of our on-call firefighters carry out their role alongside their day job.

This works differently for each person - perhaps you work for a company that is based near a fire station and your employer might be happy to release you when your pager goes off.

You might be self-employed and work within the local area, responding to your pager and making up hours when you return.

Ultimately, everyone will arrange their day job alongside being an on-call firefighter slightly differently, and it’s up to you and your employer to agree on the specifics. As long as you can respond to your pager immediately when you tell us you’re available then being an on-call firefighter can fit really well around your job.

Why would I want to be an on-call firefighter alongside my job?
It’s a great way to earn extra money while protecting your community. Employers can also benefit from having a trained fire professional with transferable skills on site.

I think my business might be interested in releasing someone – what should I do?
If you’ve agreed it with your employer and it’s just you applying then there’s nothing further you need to do - simply fill out an application form. If your employer is interested in releasing more than one person then it might be worth them having a chat with our On-Call Recruitment Team on 01376 576698.

For more information about employing an on-call firefighter please read our on-call firefighters employers information guide.

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