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On-call firefighter application process

How does the application process work?
Once you’ve received all of the information you need and you’re ready to apply you’ll fill in an application form. This will give us your basic details and give us an idea of how much availability you can offer.

After we receive your application form we’ll contact you to go through the next steps. If you meet the requirements and your local station is recruiting there will be three stages:

Stage one – Application
You local station manager will contact you to discuss everything. You’ll then be invited to a pre-fitness appointment. This is not a test, just a a great chance to try out some of the fitness tests and gain some confidence. If you do struggle, our fitness team will give you support and advice on what to work on so you can try again in the future.

Stage two – Assessment day
You’ll be invited to an assessment day where you’ll complete the National Firefighter Selection tests. You’ll already have practised for the fitness test, and we will be able to support you through written tests if you need it.

Stage three – Interview
Once you’ve passed the assessment day you’ll meet with your Station Manager for an interview. You’ll need to give examples of previous situations where you’ve behaved in ways we’re looking for - like problem solving, commitment to diversity and integrity and working with others. This will also give you a chance to talk about the role and any other questions you might have. 

Stage four – Occupational health screening assessment
Here you’ll attend a medical appointment to make sure you’re fit and healthy to carry out your role safely.

Anything else?
We’ll need two reference checks before your offer of employment.

For a more detailed explanation of how the application process works, take a look at our On-Call Firefighters Information Guide.

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