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Meet The Crew

  • Lorraine Melton

    Newport Fire Station

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    For Lorraine Melton being an on-call firefighter gives her an opportunity to leave her everyday life behind and enjoy the excitement of not knowing what to expect and the satisfaction of helping her community. Lorraine, who owns and operates a herb nursery, joined the crew at Newport Fire Station 11 and a half years ago. Initially looking for a change and something to help her keep fit, she also found a close knit team and hugely satisfying role at the heart of her community.

    Lorraine said: “My everyday life is pretty regimented. Running my own business I know what will happen from day to day and I was just looking for something outside of that which would be exciting and different.
    “When the pager goes off it’s always exciting,you don’t know what you’re going to face. All you know for certain is that you are going to help someone. It’s exciting and satisfying at the same time.
    “I love working as part of a team. Normally I am the manager so having a role as a team member with someone else in charge is a nice change of pace.
    “My advice to anyone thinking of joining is grab the opportunity with both hands. It is a decision I have never regretted.”

  • Andrew Clark

    Crew Manager
    Leaden Roding Fire Station

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    Leaden Roding Fire Station is at the heart of a small community and local farmer Andrew Clark has been serving as an on call firefighter for over 21 years.

    Father-of-three Andrew, who also runs logging firm, Essex Logs, in High Easter, started off as an on-call firefighter in March 1995 and is now a Leading Firefighter.

    He said: “My farm is just minutes away from the station and on-call firefighting adds a little excitement to farm life.

    “I mostly work for myself on the farm and I missed being part of a team. That’s why I applied to the Service and I haven’t looked back since.”

    Andrew, 57, is due to receive his Long Service Medal next year and has already achieved the Queen Jubilee and Diamond medals for his efforts as an on-call firefighter.

    “The skills I have developed have been taken back to my workplace. I now know the value of health and safety, team work, leadership, first aid and risk assessment.
    “My advice is, have a think about what you want from life and I am positive that the Service can help you achieve those goals.” 

  • Claire Harrington

    Stansted Fire Station

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    Claire, 28, followed in the footsteps of her father joining Stansted Fire Station as an oncall firefighter just over two-and-a-half years ago. She has enjoyed her experience with Essex County Fire & Rescue Service so much that she also joined as a Control Operator, a role she combines with firefighting.

    She said: “Growing up my dad has always been a firefighter at Stansted and I knew it was something I would want to do so it wasn’t a surprise to me, or my mum, when I joined myself. 

    “It is a really satisfying thing to do. You know that you are working for your community and helping to protect people but at the same time there is a great adrenaline rush and there is the team work and friendship the whole crew has with one another. It’s more than a job it’s a hobby. It’s like getting paid for something you love to do.

    “I have learned a great deal through my work as an on-call firefighter. There is the fitness, I have become more confident and now it has led to me getting a full time job as a Control Operator, taking emergency calls, something I never would have done if I hadn’t joined as an on-call firefighter.”

  • Daniel Davis

    Crew Manager and Support Staff
    Dovercourt Firestation and ECFRS HQ

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    Daniel grew up around firefighters. His father Adrian was an ECFRS officer and many of the neighbours in the cul-de-sac where his family lived were serving officers so it was almost inevitable that he would one day follow in their foot-steps and join himself.

    He said: “Firefighting is my life. I have been involved with the Service for 12 years, from a work experience boy to a leading firefighter.

    “I remember how I would regularly visit Dovercourt Fire Station as a child for open days, summer events and to play paddle tennis with the crew.”

    For Daniel on-call firefighting provided the right mix, allowing him to take on a full time job as part of the team running the Service’s high-tech Operational Command Assessment Training centre and combine that with a role protecting his community as a firefighter.

    Daniel said: “I am passionate about community and every time I hear our sirens, I know that I will be helping someone.

    “I’d strongly recommend on-call firefighting to anyone. Go down to an on-call station and talk to some of the crew. You will hear stories of comradeship, heroism and friendship. It is an extremely rewarding and worthwhile job.”

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