Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Firefighter Fitness Standards

Many people worry that they aren’t fit enough or strong enough to be a firefighter when this probably isn’t the case. Being a firefighter is a physical job, but with the right training most people can reach the level of fitness that we require.

Our Fitness Team are here to support you throughout the National Firefighter Physical Tests to ensure you understand what’s involved and inform you on how you can improve your fitness level.

The exercises test your level of cardiovascular and muscular strength/endurance.

Some of this may sound intimidating but don’t forget that you’ll be invited to try some of these activities out before a full assessment day so that you’re confident and informed. And if you struggle we’ll support you in understanding where your weak areas are so you can come and try again another time.

For more information on the physical tests visit our recruitment website

Have you seen our new fitness training programme? Starting from the very first warm-up, it gives tips on how to improve both aerobic fitness and strength and helps you create a personalised plan to prepare for our tests and get yourself firefighter fit.

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