Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Equality & Diversity

Essex County Fire and Rescue Service are committed to the promotion of respect and understanding for the communities in which we serve and to promoting equality of opportunity amongst our employees.

At the very heart of everything we do is the community and we work hard to ensure that Equality and Diversity is at the forefront of all our activities and that the needs of all individuals are considered in our day to day work, in shaping policy, in delivering services and in relation to our own employees.

We are committed to the Equality and Diversity agenda and working with the communities within Essex to make it a safer place to live and work. We are striving to achieve a diverse workforce that is reflective of the diverse mix of communities in which we serve. Ultimately we will ensure we reduce the impact of fire and other risks on all the communities we serve, by effective prevention, protection and emergency response.

Valuing differences, treating people fairly and judging people on merit makes for a better Fire and Rescue Service and we are determined to ensure equality of service to all sections of the Community.

You can read more about what we’re doing over the next few pages. However, consideration of equality issues runs throughout all our activities and influences the decisions we reach, how we act as an employer, how we develop and review policy, how we design, deliver and evaluate services and how we commission and procure from others. Therefore you may also want to take a look around our website at other pages such as ‘Essex Fire Authority’ where you’ll find our Corporate Plan, our Integrated Risk Management Plan and our Corporate Reports - you’ll also find minutes, agendas and reports from the Essex Fire Authority meetings, Policy & Strategy Committee and Audit, Governance & Review Committee. Have a look at the ‘Consultation’ pages where you can get involved, ‘Recruitment’ where you will find our current vacancies, or ‘Young People’, ‘Suppliers and Partners’, Workplace Fire Safety’ or ‘Road Traffic Collision Reduction’ where you can see the varied work that is undertaken across the Service.

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