Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Fireworks/Bonfire Night

Follow the fireworks code to stay safe:

 • Only buy fireworks marked CE
 • Don’t drink alcohol if setting off fireworks.
 • Keep fireworks in a closed non-flammable box.
 • Follow the instructions on each firework.
 • Light them at arm’s length, using a taper.
 • Stand well back.
 • Never go near a firework that has been lit. Even if it hasn’t gone off, it could still explode.
 • Never put fireworks in your pocket or throw them.
 • Always supervise children around fireworks.
 • Light sparklers one at a time and wear gloves.
 • Never give sparklers to a child under five.
 • Keep pets indoors.
 • Don’t set off noisy fireworks late at night and never after 11pm.


  • Site the bonfire well away from houses, garages, sheds, fences, overhead cables, trees and shrubs
  • Never leave the bonfire burning unattended
  • Build the stack so that it is stable and will not collapse outwards or to one side
  • NEVER use flammable liquids - paraffin or petrol - to light the fire
  • Don't burn foam-filled furniture, aerosols, tins of paint and bottles
  • Keep everyone away from the fire - especially children, who must be supervised at all times
  • Pour water on the embers before leaving
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