Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


IRMP 2016-2020

Welcome to the Essex Fire Authority 2016-2020 Integrated Risk Management Plan.

This document has been informed by two 12 week consultations to obtain the views and opinions of the public of Essex, partners and stakeholders, and of course our employees at the Essex County Fire and Rescue Service

The first consultation was focussed on the principles and standards for the Service. The underpinning ethos of this is that ‘it is better to prevent an emergency incident happening in the first place’.

From this, the second consultation proposed options to reflect a refreshed delivery model which aims to put greater emphasis on prevention work, helping people avoid having fires and other emergencies, further reducing the demand on our response services, whilst still providing an effective and professional response service.

Essex Fire Authority has established a vision which sets the strategic intent for everything that it does.

Our mission: Essex is a safer place to live, work and travel.

As an Authority that places serving our communities at the heart of everything we do, we have developed a set of strategic aims and strategic themes that will drive our strategy for Essex County Fire and Rescue Service between 2016 and 2020.

Click here to read the IRMP 2016-2020.

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