Essex County Fire and Rescue Service


Our purpose: We improve, protect and save lives.

Our vision: To make Essex a safe place to live, work and travel.

Our priorities: Service Led, Community Focused, Kind Culture, Financially Sustainable.

About Essex County Fire and Rescue Service
Essex County Fire and Rescue Service is one of the largest Fire and Rescue Services in the country, serving a county within which there are a wide variety of risks.

The Service is governed by Essex Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Fire and Rescue Authority (EPFCC).  The EPFCC Fire Authority is responsible for Fire and Rescue Services covering an area over 1,400 square miles and a population of 1.8 million.

Essex is a county of contrasts. It contains numerous ecologically important areas and manages one of the largest sections of coastline (350 miles) in the country. There are various conservation areas and over 14,000 listed buildings. Essex is an attractive place to live, work and has a rural and urban mix featuring excellent transport links and leisure opportunities which attracts people to the area. Significant numbers of people settle in Essex, and employment opportunities attract economic migrants.

ECFRS provides prevention, protection and emergency response services from 50 fire stations staffed by wholetime and on-call firefighters. The organisation is administered from its Headquarters at Kelvedon Park in Kelvedon, where the Service also has a mobilising Control Centre.


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